The admission procedure

The application to any engineering branch is made through online pre-registration. For each branch, a committee composed of at least three permanent teachers carries out a preliminary selection based on well-established criteria (that take into consideration Tunisian and international students).

There are two important steps to be accepted in any engineering program in the IIT. First, you apply for a competition based on previous scores. Second, you sit for an interview.

The purpose of this interview is to assess the scope and level of the candidates' previous studies, particularly in the basic sciences that are related to the targeted branch. In this way, the Institute makes sure that the candidate’s previous studies and the capacities are sufficient to satisfy the required objectives.

Following the interview, the committee accepts or refuses candidates or places them on a waiting list.

The admission board may recommend additional courses in specific subjects (including French) depending on the insufficiency of the level noted. In this case, the final admission of the candidates to the IIT will depend on their agreement to register for the recommended courses. These courses are organized at the beginning of the academic year in the form of accelerated courses outside the class schedule. The costs incurred by these courses are borne by the IIT and not the student.

The admission committee may also direct candidates towards an engineering program other than the one to which they have applied in view of their abilities and academic background.

For international students, the admission procedure remains the same as the possibility of conducting online interviews (Skype, WhatsApp, etc.). A person in charge of the tuition service must prepare a follow-up of the admission files of international students.

If the international student is accepted, He/She should send his/her diploma and supplements to the student affairs department to check the documents. If the documents are authentic, they should pay fully or partially the tuition fees to apply for the visa.

Special services are offered to international students upon their arrival in Tunisia: reception at the airport, assistance during their first days in the country, accommodations, etc.

The admission criteria

- Average of the baccalaureate and the last diploma obtained; the board also takes into consideration the averages obtained during the previous years of study (in the preparatory cycle or the bachelor's degree) as well as the quality of the end-of-studies project already carried out in the degree stage.

- The grades obtained in the specific subjects for each sector in order to determine whether the candidate needs to take additional courses as previously explained.

- Any student who desires to pursue his/her studies must have a good level in french especially that our programs are francophone. He/She is invited to upgrade courses and in his/her curriculum is prepared to DELF B2.

- A personal statement explaining the student’s motivation to pursue their studies at the IIT; it is also an opportunity to monitor the Institute’s reputation through the candidate's response.Finally, it should be noted that the candidate may have to answer questions concerning the end-of-studies project to make sure the subject has been well mastered.

Tuition fees


– A 5% reduction is granted to students who pay the full tuition fees at registration.

– There are scholarships at IIT.
– The new prices apply to new students only.
– There will be an increase of 5% compared to the previous year (except for the Architecture department where prices are stable from the 4th to the 6th year).

– Any registration is firm and final. If you withdraw, do not expect a refund. _ If you decide to withdraw from the university during the academic year, you must fully pay the tuition fees.

– International students are required to pay the tuition fees while respecting the exchange rate recorded on 01/10 of the current years

_ Payments made by bank transfer should be to the following IIT account:

Bank: Zitouna Bank
Address: Agence Majida Boulila Sfax
Account number: 25 007 000 0000066789 17
To: North American Private University
Iban code: TN 59 25 007 000 0000066789 17